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Pygmalion - Shaw Festival Review
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Generally Positive Reviews based on 5 Critics
  • 100% of reviewers recomend this show
  • top 99% of shows in the 2015 season
  • most reviewed show of the season
5 Reviews

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Shaw Festival's Pygmalion new turn...

“In 2010, “The Social Network” showed how a movie could be really good and really modern, all at the same time. And in 2015, the Shaw Festival proved the same with “Pygmalion”, a modern remake of George Bernard Shaw’s 102-year-old play. Any questions of how the play would carry over a century later were completely answered, and then some.”

Read Full Review07/28/2015

St. Catherine's Standard - John Law

Constant surprises

“Hinton takes broad strokes to the changes here, counting on your familiarity with the play to set up constant surprises (especially with its most iconic line of dialogue). As the audience files into the theatre, we see a dishevelled looking man played by Patrick McManus wandering the stage behind several windows, fiddling with his iPad during a thunderstorm. Cue the first scene, and we realize he’s Henry Higgins. Not the sharp-dressed, confident professor of phonetics we’re used to, but a bearded, shady-looking guy paying creepy attention to crude flower girl Eliza Doolittle (Harveen Sandhu).”

Read Full Review06/28/2015

The Globe and Mail - J. Kelly Nestruck

Hinton’s Pygmalion brilliantly...

“Pygmalion, in its equal parts intelligent and spectacular modern-dress production at the Shaw Festival by director Peter Hinton, is a real conversation starter. To be enjoyed fully, at a three-and-a-half star level, it must be followed by vigorous, Shavian debate with a friend over a bottle from one of the nearby wineries.”

Read Full Review06/29/2015

The National Post - Robert Cushman

Shaw's Pygmalion, strongest in its...

“Hinton’s production isn’t a masterpiece like his Lady Windermere’s Fan, which lit up every corner of the play. This one has its lapses and inconsistencies. But it’s strong where his work, for all its gorgeous incidental qualities, is always strongest: in its emotional reality.”

Read Full Review07/15/2015

The Toronto Star - Carly Maga

Hinton’s modernization of Shaw’s...

“Peter Hinton’s modernization of George Bernard Shaw’s classic play finds some really thrilling cohesions with Shaw’s piercing of class boundaries in 1914 London and modern-day life…”

Read Full Review06/28/2015

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