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The Lady from the Sea

Generally Mixed Reviews based on 2 Critics
  • 50% of reviewers recomend this show
  • mid 49% of shows in the 2015 season
2 Reviews

The Toronto Star - Richard Ouzounian

Exciting take on Ibsen classic

“O’Connell adds yet another notch on her belt, which has seen her conquer many of the great roles in modern theatre in recent years at Shaw. She is bold, she is honest, she is always fascinating to watch. One cannot ask more of any actor.”

Read Full Review05/16/2015

Niagara Fall Review - John Law

Soggy message sinks Lady From the Sea

“Up until the end, you’re still not sure which way “The Lady From the Sea” will tilt. And without getting into spoiler territory, it feels…awkward…Even with its rewrite, The Lady From the Sea feels depressingly adrift.”

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